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Mastiff and other Pets

Mastiff and other Pets

Mastiff is a breed of dog that is considered one of the oldest. This breed has a height and weight that is well above all other breeds of dogs. Its size makes it look very fierce although it has the best docility of a temperament. It has shown how it relates so well with other pets kept at home.

In terms of adaptability, the breed can be very comfortable in apartment living setup and live with other pets such as a cat. It can tolerate being around cats and especially for novice owners. It can also tolerate both hot and cold weather because its sensitivity level is fairly good and this makes it get along very well with bird kind of pets.

In terms of friendliness, it is the best in family affection and gets so well with pets that are playful. It is also friendly towards pet strangers that are introduced to it. It has been so evident that the mastiff relationship with cats and goose is very interesting. They play in the yards and exercise a lot that people will they there is something wrong. It also tries to emulate the cats by trying to climb walls and trees like cats do. It does this, especially when playing with puppies that at times interpret them as fierce and show fear by running away, hence climbing.

For households that have horses, the mastiff gets along so well with horses. This is because it loves exercising a lot. That is, when the horses go on training, they are normally taken as well. To the surprise of many, it runs as fast as a horse despite its size and complexion. It also does not get tired easily as many breeds would do, which makes horses love it, especially for long-distance training sessions.

When relating to other breeds of dogs, the Mastiff has been seen as the corrective and discipline master. It corrects the behavior of other dogs immediately it happens because most dogs cordially submit and obey it. Its main means of correction is to maintain an aggressive eye contact with the submissive dog and the later will lower its posture and terminate what it was doing.

In the case a mastiff stays with a variety of pets and other domestic animals, it tends to exhibit human behavior and personality. For instance, they watch tv, they can read different facial expressions, can communicate jealousy and can also show empathy. They can also show helping and controlling human functions like helping their owners in some circumstances and can also take control of activities like herding and playing kids.

Therefore, mastiffs have proved beyond doubts that they can effectively relate with a range of pets and other domestic animals. In their relations, they show dominant control, intelligence, reasoning as well as hygiene. They have also been able to demonstrate this by their near to human traits and attributes that show they are very empathetic and can reason. It is therefore highly recommended that they should be kept as pets alongside other pets.